Rapidly assimilable natural flavour "Petals of Roses"

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Rapidly assimilable natural flavour "Petals of Roses"

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Rapidly assimilable natural flavour "Petals of Roses"

The tradition of using ultrapure rose absolute in producing strong alcoholic and low-alcohol drinks goes back to Saradzhev's cognacs, Shustov's famous cognac, Shustov's liqueurs and brandies. These beverages were awarded Grands Prix at prestigeous exhibitions in Nizhny Novgorod (1896), Paris (1990, 1904, 1909), Turin (1902, 1911), etc. Owing to the highest quality of the products, Shustov's and Saradzhev's distilleries were granted the honorary titles of Suppliers of the Court of His Imperial Majesty.

At present the flavour is included into formulations by distillery enterprises in Russia and abroad (Lithunia, Mongolia, Kirghizia, Georgia, Кazakhstan and others). These include Kristall Ltd (Ulyanovsk), closed-end joint-stock company Veda, open-end joint-stock company Vladalko, (Vladimir), open-end joint-stock company Istok (Beslan), open-end joint-stock company Baikalfarm (Ulan-Ude), Luks distillery (Stary Oskol), closed-end joint-stock company ROOM (Nizhny Novgorod), open-end joint-stock company Urzhumsky distillery, Baikalsky Kedr distillery Ltd (Irkutsk), Stubras AB (Lithuania) and many others.

Vodka "Istok Premialnaya" produced by open stock company Istok (Beslan) using the flavour enhancer Petals of Roses was awarded Grand Prix at the international competition United Vodka - 2008 in Cannes (France).

Regulatory approvals

The flavour is produced in accordance with TU 9145-008-10471723-05

State registration certificate NoУ.94168.05 of 17.08.2005

Sanitary-and-epidemiologic certificate NoТ.001515.08.05 of 15.08.2005

Recommended dosages of the flavour enhancer Petals of Roses (g per 10000 l):

Ethyl alcohol, 96 vol.%

10 to 12

Vodkas, liqueurs, balsams  and white spirits (40 - 60% vol)

10 to 12

Zubrowka (Bison vodka)

12 to 20

Flavorings Vodkas

11 to 12


15 to 18


20 to 25


25 to 30

Low-alcoholic beverages, long drinks

10 to 40

Soft drinks

10 to 50

Introduction recommendations

Testing - preparation of a test sample

The calculated amount of the flavour enhancer Petals of Roses is dissolved in rectified ethyl alcohol in the ratio of 1:10, until a transparent solution is obtained. The solution is then added in accordance with recommended dosages to 1 litre of the drink.

Procedure of adding the flavour enhancer to the blend

The required amount of the flavour enhancer is dissolved in rectified ethyl alcohol in the ratio of 1:10, until a transparent solution is obtained which, for further dilution, is added to 5 litres of the drink being prepared. The resultant solution, after being passed through a carbon column, is introduced through the upper hatch into the blend tank containing the drink (water-alcohol mixture). The blending is carried out in accordance with the technology used at the factory. The flavour enhancer can added into the blend alone or in combination with other ingredients.

If the "Silver filtration" process (Patent of Russia No 2222586) is used, the flavour enhancer can be introduced both before or after being passed through cartridges with silver-containing activated carbon of the ЭПСФ.УAg0.4 grade and activated carbon with impregnated platinum. The mode of blending the drink is "2 circls itself".



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