Filtration of mineral and drinking water

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Filtration of mineral and drinking water
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Filtration of mineral and drinking water

Functional capabilities:

? The automatic unit ensures adjustment of the filtration system to any filling line (having mechanical, electromagnetic or pneumatic valve)

? Operator's touchpad for real-time control over all filtration parameters

? Automatic control devices provide optimum conditions for operation of filter elements (smooth start-up, no hydroblows)

? Automatic control of differential pressure at each filtration stage rules out the possibility of mechanical destruction of the filter package in the course of its plugging

? Automatic devices make it possible to use a more powerful pump which ensures complete exhaustion of the service life of filter elements

? The automatic system having PI regulator maintains a preset pressure of the product at the output of the assembly

? The use of a bypass line in combination with a shock absorber makes it possible not only to suppress hydroblows, but also to rule out any sharp pressure surges in the filters and at the output of the assembly

? The filtration system makes it possible to clean filter elements of micronaps in a closed loop.

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