The Industry of Drinks

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The Industry of Drinks

Silver filtration
Platinum filtration
Filtration of vodkas
Filtration of wine
Filtration of beer
Filtration of cognacs
Stabilization of coloured distillery products
Filtration of mineral and drinking water
Filtration of water/alcohol
Rapidly assimilable natural flavour "Petals of Roses"

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The Industry of Drinks


The objective of the company in the field of food industry is development and production of filtration systems improving the quality of beverages and provision of technical and service assistance to the customers.

The equipment produced by Technofilter exhibits reliable performance in production of famous wines, distillery products, mineral waters, juices and non-alcoholic beverages.

Main applications of Technofilter's products and technologies in the beverage industry


Vodka and alcoholic beverages

? Regulated patented technique for producing vodkas using no carbon columns - "Silver filtration" - EPSF.UAg0.4 (ЭПСФ.УAg0.4).

? New regulated filtration technologies for the improvement of organoleptic properties of vodkas: "Platinum filtration" - EPCF.UPt (ЭПСФ.УPt);

"Golden filtration" - EPV.PAu (ЭПВ.ПAu) (Golden Silk).

? Polishing filtration of vodkas before automatic filling machine using "Absolute - quality" series automatic systems.

? Stabilization of coloured alcoholic beverages using cartridge membrane filtration.

? Filtration of wine blends.

? Filtration of ingredients (of alcoholic tinctures, fruit drinks, aromatic alcohols, sugar syrup, colour, etc)

? Cleaning alcohol from mechanical impurities in the course of reception from transportation tanks or alcohol storages.

? Improvement of organoleptic properties of alcohol (removal of bitter taste) and water using new sorptive filter elements.

? Refiltration of process waste.

? Improvement of organoleptic properties of drinks using a unique product, the natural modifier of taste and aroma "Lepestki Roz" ("Petals of Roses")



? Polishing filtration before filling.

? Removal of excessive amounts of metals for the purpose of stabilizing the beverage.

? Improvement of organoleptic properties of the beverage.



? Polishing of wines in the course of preparation for filling.

? Microbiological stabilization (defertilization) of still wines before bottling (cold filling).

? Prefiltration.

? Removal of excessive amounts of metals for the purpose of stabilizing the wine.

? Preparation of service media.


Low-alcohol and soft drinks

? Filtration of blends.

? Filtration of sugar syrup.

? Filtration of carbonic acid.

? Filtration of water for preparation of the drink.


Beer, kvass, non-alcoholic beverages

? Prefiltration.

? Trap filtration (fine filtration after a precoat diatomaceous earth filter).

? Defertilization (sterilization) (for cold sterile filling) by membrane cartridge filtration.

? Sterilizing filtration of process air, carbonic acid, nitrogen.

? Water treatment (sterilizing filtration, prefiltration).


Mineral and bottled waters

? Sterilizing (microbiological) filtration of "still" water before filling.

? Fine filtration of aerated waters before filling.

? Prefiltration.

? Coarse filtration (removal of particles).

? Sterilizing filtration of carbonic acid.


Juices, fruit drinks, syrups, liqueurs

? Prefiltration.

? Fine filtration before hot filling.

? Cold sterilizaion.


Service media

? Air:

Removal of oils and moisture;

Removal of particles;

Sterile filtration of carbonic acid;


"Tank breathing".


? Water:

Disinfection of filters and equipment;

Preparation of water for product formulation;

Aseptic treatment.


? Vapour:

Fine cleaning;

Preparation of sterile vapour.



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