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Biofarmaceutics and medicine

The Industry of Drinks

Silver filtration
Platinum filtration
Filtration of vodkas
Filtration of wine
Filtration of beer
Filtration of cognacs
Stabilization of coloured distillery products
Filtration of mineral and drinking water
Filtration of water/alcohol
Rapidly assimilable natural flavour "Petals of Roses"

Water Sector

Microelectronics and Chemistry





Main applications of Technofilter's products and technologies


Medical and biopharmaceutical industries

Prefiltration, clarifying and sterilizing filtration of

  • large-volume and small-volume solutions for parenteral nutrition (LVP and SVP)
  • blood protein preparations
  • culture media and bacterium media
  • blood serum
  • ophthalmologic and alcoholic solutions
  • biological fluids
  • vitamin and galena preparations
  • water for pharmaceutical applications (water for injections, washing machines, autoclaves, apyrogenic water, point-of-use filtration, return water, water for rinsing ampules and vials)
  • preparation of buffer solutions
  • removal of bacteria and mycoplasma
  • removal of viruses and pyrogens from water solutions and water for injections
  • removal of lipids and colloids from biological preparations, protein solutions and sera
  • discolouration of solutions of pharmaceutical substances
  • clarification of carbon-containing solutions
  • clarification and defertilization of galena preparations, extracts, etc
  • removal of the fine fraction of activated carbon particles
  • sterile filtration of process air, nitrogen and other gases before delivery to the filling area
  • purification of steam for use in autoclaves and sterilization of equipment
  • sterile ventilation of tanks and fermenters - ‘breathing' filters
  • protection of water conditioning systems and chromatographic columns
  • other applications

Food and beverage industry

  • polishing of wines, cognacs and vodkas in the course of preparation for filling
  • cold sterilization (defertilization) of still wines before bottling
  • removal of excess amounts of metals (Ca, K, Fe, Cu, etc) for the purpose of stabilizing wines and cognacs
  • trap filtration of beer (fine filtration after KZE)
  • fine and sterilizing filtration of beer and kvass (before cold sterilizing filling) using cartridge filters
  • an innovative technology for making vodkas without the use of carbon columns - ‘Silver filtration' (ЭПСФ.У Ag0.4)
  • a new filtration technology for the improvement of organoleptic properties of vodkas - ‘Platinum filtration' (ЭПСФ.У Pt)
  • polishing filtration of vodkas and alcoholic beverages before automatic filling
  • stabilization of coloured alcoholic beverages
  • filtration of ingredients (of alcoholic tinctures, fruit drinks, aromatic alcohols, sugar syrups, colours, etc)
  • removal of mechanical impurities from alcohol before acceptance
  • improvement of organoleptic properties of alcohol, improvement of organoleptic properties of water for the production of vodkas after RO systems
  • re-filtration of processing refuse
  • sterilizing (microbiological) filtration of ‘still' water before filling
  • fine filtration of soda water before filling
  • conditioning of service media (air, water, steam)
  • filtration of blends of low alcohol and soft drinks
  • filtration of sugar syrup
  • fine filtration before hot filling
  • defertilization/cold sterilization, clarification, polishing, trap filtration, deodorization
  • other applications

Electronic and chemical industries

  • filtration of process media in microelectronic industry (deionized water, photoresists, solvents, reactants, solutions for galvanoplastics, sterile air)
  • filtration of non-aqueous solutions
  • filtration of acids and alkalies
  • filtration of solutions of reactants
  • filtration of etching solutions (electroplating)
  • filtration of highly flammable liquids (acetone, ethanol, methanol, etc)
  • filtration of process water
  • filtration of liquefied gases
  • breathing filters (breathers)
  • filters for natural gas
  • water conditioning
  • other applications

Water sector

  • coarse mechanical cleaning
  • prefiltration (including prefiltration before RO systems)
  • removal of colloid particles
  • sorption cleaning
  • removal of pyrogens
  • clarification
  • microbiological stabilization
  • sterilizing filtration
  • removal and concentration of viruses from water bodies
  • other applications

Engineering and defence industries



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