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Hydrophobic cartridge filter elements having an absolute filtration rating for sterilizing filtration of compressed gases, air and carbon dioxide in Medical, BioPharmaceutical, Food, Electronic and other industries.

Filter material

Pleated hydrophobic membrane PTFE. Core, outer shell and end parts: polypropylene having increased heat resistance. O-rings: silicon (optionally Viton, fluorine rubber).

Removal Ratings


 Air and Gases

<0.003 μm


0.2 μm


Main applications
  • Sterilizing filtration of air and gases that enter into critical contact with the product
  - in air supply systems
  - in storage tanks to create sterile breathing conditions
  - upstream of filling machines
  - at the points of entry and exit of bioreactors
  • Sterile filtration of fermenters
  • Sterile blowout of equipment
  • Filtration of liquid aggressive media (acids, alkalies, solvents, process liquids) in the pH range 1 to 13



Advantages for customers

Membrane made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

Broad chemical compatibility. Excellent heat resistance

Special structure of the membrane

  • Excellent filtration characteristics, comparable to those of the best world analogues
  • High flow rate and low flow resistance
  • Increased dirt holding capacity and extended service life

High strength of the filter element

  • Reliable retention of integrity in severe operating conditions
  • Capable of withstanding multiple sterilization cycles at 134°C
  • Complete retention of bacteria and aerosol particles in compressed air and gas flows
  • Guaranteed retention of integrity after numerous sterilization cycles

100% integrity control

  • Integrity control is performed in the ‘dry' mode for aerosol particles and in the ‘wet' mode by the diffusion test. Guaranteed integrity and effective operation of the device


Technical and operating characteristics (for 250 mm high elements)

 Element designation


 Material of the membrane


 Average pore size, μm


 Effective filter area, m2


 Maximum differential pressure, MPa

0.5 at 20°C; 0.25 at 80°C

 Air flow rate at t=20°C / P=0.02 MPa, m3/h, no less than


 Flow rate for distilled water at ΔP 0.05 MPa / 20°C, dm3/h, no less than


 Maximum operating temperature, °C


 Bubble point using ethanol, MPa,  no less than


 Number of sterilization cycles at P=0.11 MPa / t=134°±1°C for 30 to 45 min, no less than


Ordering Information








Removal Rating

Adapter types

Nominal Length



0.2 μm

A -  Dead-end cartridge, 44.5 mm adapter, disc end cap,code: 27*, 3**, 0***

 А1 -  Dead-end cartridge, 44.5 mm adapter, fin end code: 26*(provisionally), 5***

А4 -  Dead-end cartridge, long 44.5 mm adapter, triple bayonet base at the bottom, fin end at the top, code: 28*

D1 -  Dead-end cartridge,  56 mm adapter double bayonet base at the bottom, fin end at the top, code: 25*, 7**, 7***

D -  Dead-end cartridge, 56 mm adapter, double bayonet base at the bottom, disc end cap at the top

 В - In-line cartridge, no adapter, code: 21*

В (SL) - In-line cartridge, no adapter, O-rings for Slime line filter holders 

100 = 100 mm

150 = 150 mm

250 = 250 mm (10 in.)

500 = 500 mm (20 in.)

750 = 750 mm (30 in.)

1000 = 1000 mm(40 in.)

М = medical and biopharmaceutical.

P = Food industry

* Sartorius cartridge code; ** Pall cartridge code; *** Millipore cartridge code  





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