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Technofilter's standard filter cartridge is a cylinder (70 mm in diameter, 250 mm high) having inner and outer perforated polypropylene shells with layers of various filter materials in between. The direction of the flow is from outside to inside, the filtrate flowing out of the bottom of the inner shell (dead-end mode). The outer perforated shell ensures mechanical strength of the cartridge during filtration, washing and autoclaving. Standard elements are thermally welded together to produce filter elements 500, 750 and 1000 mm high. The joints are made tight only by thermal welding, with no use of adhesives, to avoid release of extractables.

There are several types of filter cartridges differing in the way filter material is packed into them

  • pleated cartridges (with the filter area of one 250 mm high filter element amounting to as much as 0.75 m2)
  • wound cartridges
  • cartridges filled with particulate material

Classification of Technofilter's cartridge filters by the mechanism of particle retention

  • MEMBRANE filters (with surface retention prevailing)
  • DEPTH elements (with particle retention taking place mainly inside the filter media)
  • SORPTION filter elements (with particle retention proceeding by adsorption mechanisms).

Filter elements are also classified either as HYDROPHILIC (for the filtration of liquids)or as HYDROPHOBIC (for the filtration of aggressive gas and liquid media).

Depending on the type of the filter holder, elements are provided with various adapters. The cartridge adapters are standard, making it possible to use Technofilter's filter elements in housings of domestic and foreign producers. The cartridge is sealed in the housing with flexible O-rings made of silicon or other materials.

MINICARTRIDGE is a scaled down version of the standard cartridge 38 or 70 mm in diameter and 50 to 150 mm high. Like standard cartridges, minicartridges incorporate various filtration materials. Minicartridges are used in the same applications as standard cartridges, in the cases where it is necessary to process smaller volumes.



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