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Filtering discs

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Cartrige filtering elements

Membrane Filter Cartridges

EPM.K Membrane Filter Cartridges (Liquid Filtration)
EPM.K+ Filter Cartridges (Liquid Filtration)
EPM.PS Filter Cartridges (Liquid Filtration)
EPM.F4 Membrane Filter Cartridges (Air and Gas Filtration)

Depth Filter Cartridges
Sorptive Filter Cartridges
Adapter types

Holders of filters

Filtration installations




Filtration installations




Filter assemblies

On customer's request, filter assemblies of various capacities (ranging from 0.5 to 10.0 m3/h or more) are made on the basis of one- and multi-cartridge filter holders. Technofilter designs, produces and outfits filter assembles in accordance with individual requirements of the customer. The assemblies are compact, mobile and easy to operate. They can be mounted permanently on the spot, on a frame or on a carriage. Assemblies consist of several filtration units, are fully packaged (pump, meters, control valves, pipelines, etc.) and ready for operation.


UPF (УПФ)  filter assemblies (‘Polishing Filtration Assemblies') are intended for filtration of nutritional and non-nutritional liquids, including water and aqueous solutions, galena tinctures, wines, distillery products, beverages and other liquids that are compatible with materials of construction of the filter assembly.

USF (УСФ)  filter assemblies (‘Silver Filtration Assemblies') are used in alcoholic beverage industry and are intended for processing of water-alcohol mixtures and vodkas.

Design and principle of operation

Filter assemblies are composite rigs mounted on a single frame and consisting of the filtration unit, which comprises one to four filter holders, the pumping unit, piping, stop valves, the flowmeter and electric equipment. Technofilter produces UPF.R (УПФ.Р) assemblies featuring manual flow rate adjustment and automatically controlled UPF.A (УПФ.А) assemblies (Absolute-Quality series). Also available are УХЛ assemblies for moderate and cold climatic zones (placement category: 4 according to GOST 15150).


‘Absolute-Quality' series multifunctional assemblies

Functional capabilities

  • The control circuit is assembled on the basis of a reliable Siemens microcontroller. The touchpad enables real-time visualization of filtration parameters.
  • The powerful PI controlled pump automatically maintains preset output pressure irrespective of differential pressures across the filter elements.
  • Automatic control of differential pressure at each filtration stage.
  • By using the bypass line provided with the electromagnetic valve and the damper, it is possible to remove microfluffs from filter elements by washing them in the closed loop and achieve more efficient reduction of hydraulic blows.
  • Dry operation sensor and automatic shutdown of the assembly on the expiry of service life of the filter elements.
  • The microcontroller performs autodiagnostics of malfunctions.

Advantages of ‘Absolute-Quality' series assemblies

  • Coordination is maintained with any filling line (having a mechanical, electromagnetic or pneumatic valve).
  • The possibility of mechanical destruction of filter elements resulting from the increase in differential pressure is ruled out.
  • Complete expiry of the service life of filter elements is achieved, while the pump is operated in the energy-saving mode.
  • The most efficient reduction of hydraulic blows and smooth start-ups provide optimum operating conditions for filter elements.
  • Reduced cost of filter elements and improved quality of filtration.

Parameters being monitored

  • plugging degree of filter elements (%)
  • pressure at each stage of filtration (bar)
  • total throughput of filter elements (hour)
Technical characteristics of standard assemblies

Assembly type



Nominal flow rate, m3/h



Number of filtration stages



Supply voltage, V/electric capacity, Kw



Electric motor construction



Overall dimensions, mm, no more than



Weight, kg, no more than



Number of filter elements, pcs/adapter diameter, mm



Filter element height, mm



On customer's request, assemblies having flow rates that are different from those specified in the chart can be designed and built.

УПФ.А and УПФ.П polishing filter assemblies are certified.



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