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Company profile

Research & Manufacturing Enterprise Technofilter was set up in 1991 in Vladimir, Russia, on the basis of the Polymer Membrane Department of the open-end joint-stock company Polimersintez, formerly the All-Union Research Institute of Synthetic Resins (VNIISS), where the development of Russia's polymer membranes and membrane technologies was started more than 40 years ago.

From the very start, Technofilter's activities have been focused on the development and production of cartridge filter elements incorporating various polymer microfiltration membranes, primarily for biopharmaceutical and microelectronic industries.

At present, the purpose of the company is to provide high-quality filtration to a wide range of industries.

Research-and-Manufacturing Enterprise Technofilter offers filtration systems and technologies for pharmaceutics, bioengineering and healthcare, chemistry and microelectronics as well as food and beverage industry.

Filtration is an indispensable manufacturing process of our customers, intended to improve product quality and ensure purity of process fluids.

Clarification and sterilization of pharmaceutical and biological fluids and medicinal preparations, production of sterile air, fine filtration of gas media, microbiological stabilization of wines, clarification and ‘polishing' of various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, filtration of bottled and mineral water and service media - these are only some of the applications for our microfiltration equipment.

Our filters are used in critical applications in the production of safe high-quality medicinal preparations, e.g. at the final stages of filtration of solutions for parenteral nutrition, blood substitutes and injection forms.

The equipment produced by Technofilter shows reliable performance when used as part of the processes for the production of famous wines, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, juices and mineral waters.

Тechnofilter's membrane filter elements are used as part of treatment plants, installations and personal portable devices for the production of decontaminated pure drinking water that are supplied to the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry for Emergency Situations.

Our products

Not a single filter can meet the requirements of all processes. Technofilter produces a wide variety of filter elements ranging from primary depth filters to final sterilizing membrane filters implemented in the form of flat disks, capsules and standard filter cartridges.

Technofilter produces proprietary cartridge (ЭПМ) and capsule (КФМ) filter elements incorporating pleated microfiltration polymer membranes made of polyamide, polyethersulfone, Lavsan (Dacron), Ftoroplast-42, Ftoroplast-4 (fluoroplastics) and cellulose acetate (analogues of products by Pall, Millipore, Sartorius, etc).

More than 20 year experience in development and production of cartridge membrane filter elements allowed Technofilter to become a leading producer of these products in Russia and the CIS.

Technofilter offers a wide range of cartridge and capsule depth filter elements (with retention capacity ranging from 0.5 to 70 μm) based on glass fibre, cellulose, polypropylene, screens made of fine stainless steel wires, as well as sorptive filter elements incorporating woven and non-woven carbon materials, cation exchange resins and activated carbon, including silver- and platinum-containing activated carbon.

To accommodate the process of filtration, Technofilter produces filter holders made of polymer materials and stainless steel as well as pilot- and industrial-scale manually or automatically controlled filter assemblies (of УПФ and УСФ grades) designed for various capacities.

Technofilter is constantly developing novel filtration technologies for various industries.

Technofilter staff

Over the years of its history the Research-and-Manufacturing Enterprise Technofilter became an association of professionals, whose scientific and manufacturing experience is a result of more than 30 years of continuous work in this field.

The qualified staff of Technofilter, that includes both experienced and young responsible active specialists, is the main prerequisite for the development and success of the company.

The vast experience accumulated by the specialists of the enterprise in the field of liquid and gas filtration makes it possible to provide the customers with innovative and economic solutions.

Specialized production

At present, with the staff number of about 90, Technofilter has large manufacturing facilities where state-of-the-art equipment is installed, designed for large-scale production of polymer membranes, filter elements, filter holders and filtration systems.

The make-up of the enterprise includes various services, departments and units, that are responsible for the respective lines of activity: manufacturing, commercial, financial, legal, etc.

The manufacturing branch includes:

  • department for the development and production of microfiltration membranes;
  • plant engineering service; and
  • design department.

The management of Technofilter is constantly investing in technological development of manufacturing facilities, seeking to extend the product range and improve product quality.


Constant care of product quality and a high level of customer servicing are confirmed by ISO 9001:2000 certificate (ГОСТ Р ИСО 9001-2001).

Integration of all business processes of the quality management system is maintained by the quality management department.

Product quality begins at the stages of design and development. Quality is monitored at all stages of the manufacturing process, from initial raw material control to the final packaging and transportation of finished products.

In addition, the company also has the quality control department, whose responsibilities include maintenance of high quality of all products being produced, research and analysis.

All products are provided with a complete package of research and technical documentation, including all required certificates.

Service guarantees

The company's logistics is designed to ensure delivery of products and documentation to the customer in the shortest possible time.

Technofilter offers a wide range of presale and postsale services. Qualified support is available at all stages of cooperation, from evaluation of manufacturing facilities and performance of on-site filtration runs to delivery, training, consulting and servicing after installation of the equipment.

Holding dear its reputation, Technofilter accurately fulfills its obligations to partners.

Our partners

Our customers are hundreds of enterprises in biopharmaceutical, healthcare, food, chemical, fragrance and cosmetic, electronics, defence and other industries, whose number is steadily growing.

These include both major well-established companies and smaller enterprises and manufacturing firms. Our cooperation with many of them continues for more than 10 years.

In addition, Technofilter cooperates with several engineering companies that use Technofilter's filter elements as part of their assemblies and filtration systems.

Technofilter constantly cooperates with academic institutes, research centres and a number of industry organizations engaged in research in the field of membranes and membrane technologies. Our partners include All-Russian Research Institute of Food Biotechnology, A.N.Sysin State Research Institute of Human Ecology and Environment Hygiene, Medpolymer State Research Institute (Moscow), Vladipor closed-end joint stock company (Vladimir) and many others.

At present, the products of Technofilter are supplied to customers in Russia and 15 more countries including Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldavia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Mongolia and China.

Technofilter has sales offices and dealerships in Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.


Technofilter is energetically engaged in exhibition activities. For permanent participation in specialized domestic and foreign exhibitions Technofilter has been granted numerous diplomas, medals and awards.

In accordance with the decision by the Presidium of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Technofilter has the status of a Collective Member of the Academy and is a member of the Water-Healthcare-Ecology Association.

Progressiveness, innovation and the high level of technologies developed by Technofilter are certified by 12 patents of the Russian Federation.

Technofilter ranks among the most well-known Russian enterprises in the field of microfiltration, is respected in scientific and technical circles and enjoys the reputation of a reliable business partner.






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